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Getting Involved

Application Process

Getting Involved



We seek candidates with a serious commitment to our goals. The top firms in the industry are extremely selective, and our strategy is to replicate that selectivity in recruiting for our programs. The process starts in your freshman year of college.


Here are some recommendations to focus on during your first and second collegiate year:

  • Your GPA is critical. Our latest recruiting class had an average GPA of 3.91

  • Involve yourself in multiple organizations. You should be looking at personal interests both within the College of Business and outside of it. For a listing of organizations at FSU to join click here

  • Attend Undergraduate Finance Workshops. For more information click here

  • Network with current members of our organization. Admission is partially based on referrals

  • Join Securities Society. Willow Partners and SS have together created a training program that rigorously prepares students for the Noles on Wall Street admission cycle.

  • Learn about the industry. For resources click here

Applications for the Noles on Wall Street Class of 2026 are open. Click here to apply. 


Freshman Year

  • Attend Undergraduate Finance Workshops

  • Develop interests through extracurriculars (research, STEM, finance, sports, etc.)

  • Find summer internship or study abroad

Sophomore Year

  • Apply for NOWS (fall)

  • Must intern during summer in investment banking, private equity, or related industry

  • Participate in Case Competitions, Wall Street Prep, and network with professionals

  • Investment Banking recruiting/interview process (spring/summer)

Junior Year

  • With a summer offer secured, remain involved in training the next class of NOWS/incoming underclassmen

  • Participate in off-cycle internships to prepare for upcoming junior summer internship 

Senior Year

  • Land full-time offer from internship bank during junior summer

  • Start full-time role upon graduation

Organizations at FSU

Organizations at FSU (not exhaustive)

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