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Jared Ford
President of Willow Partners
Director of Noles on Wall Street


Email: jlf19a@my.fsu.edu


Since our founding, Willow Partners has continued to find ways to grow, adapt, and be innovative. In just a few short years, we have established ourselves as a pioneer within the college of business as we develop motivated individuals into professionals that are coveted by firms.

In the future, we will consistently spread our reach to impact even more students, and we will be setting ambitious goals. If you are interested in being involved in any way, I urge you to get in contact with members of the organization. We have a welcoming environment and truly care about promoting success for individuals at Florida State University. 

Past Presidents:

2021: Tony Caceres

2020: Alex Washko

2019: Kamryn Murdock

2018: Santiago Marti Garro

2017: Ryan Cote

2016: Zach Dyce

2015: Will Hart

Executive Board

Anna Wimberley.jpg
Anna Wimberley
Co-Director, Noles on Wall Street


Email: arw19b@my.fsu.edu


Jenna Miller.JPG
Jenna Miller
Director, Undergraduate
Finance Workshop

Email: jem19d@my.fsu.edu


Ayla Yarali.jpg
Ayla Yarali
Director, Logistics


Email: aby19@my.fsu.edu


Grace Brill.jpg
Grace Brill
Director, Alumni Relations


Email: kgb19a@my.fsu.edu