Undergraduate Finance Workshop

Throughout the year, we host Undergraduate Finance Workshops (formerly Freshmen Finance Workshop), targeted towards underclassmen, but open to the general public. Acceptance into our competitive Noles on Wall Street program is partially based on referrals, so students should take this time to interact and network with current members. During each session, there is open time at the end for Q&A and networking.


The focus of the workshops is typically on interviewing, success during and post-college, and the basic concepts of finance, accounting, and economics. 


Fall 2021 Schedule of Workshops

Lecture 1: September 13th - Why a Career in Finance

Location - Starry Conference Room (RBB 214) | Time - 5:30PM

Lecture 2: September 28th - Resumes & Networking

Location - RBB 229 | Time - 6:00PM

Lecture 3: October 12th - Finance: The Day to Day

Location - RBB 229 | Time - 6:00PM

Lecture 4: November 2nd - The Finance Interview

Location - RBB 229 | Time - 6:00PM

Lecture 5: November 9th - The History of Finance

Location - RBB 229 | Time - 6:00PM

For more information, please join the Facebook group, Undergraduate Finance Workshop - FSU, follow our Instagram page, @willowpartnersfsu, or

contact the UFW director:


Jenna Miller
Email: UFWfloridastate@gmail.com